I like big trees, the ones that are really old and good for climbing.
I take pleasure in listening to unheard of music.
I catch myself reminiscing about old times with my closest friends on a daily basis.
Making people smile is my life's ambition.
I enjoy hearing the words “I love you” partnered with the look that means it.
I'm just like you, only prettier ;)
about me
I'm Morgan.
I love animals.
I'm easily distracted.
I make stuff up as I go.
Music occupies my life.
I have a broad sense of humor.
I consider myself a Disney enthusiast.
I tend to be sarcastic in most situations.
Making people laugh is a hobby of mine.

i love...
Disney movies. The Lion King. The Aristocats.
Nature. Gardens. Mountains. Sunsets.
Photography. Paintings. Landscapes.
Animals. Foxes. Red Pandas. Tigers.
Music. Mayday Parade. Alex Garcia.
Fashion. Floral prints. Lace. Pearls.
Skeleton keys. Jewlery. Candles.

Bavaria, Germany